Supplementary guides and tools that unpack behavioral finance concepts and support
adoption of the Financial Virtues advising model.

Quick Reference Guides

BULL to bull interactions

Quick reference of common interaction patterns between the two bulls.  This can be helpful as an Advisor thinks through how they interact with an investor or how a household might interact together.

Email starters

Ideas to help you tee up the Financial Virtues survey and behavioral conversations no where in the client lifecycle you are leveraging the behavioral assessment.

Flipbook Cover

Quick snapshots and interaction patters for each bull profile in an easy to print 5.5in x 5.5in format.

Quick Reference Guide - ADVISOR Facing

Financial Virtues reference guide for Advisors that includes the four Bull personas, biases, and conversation starter ideas.

Quick Reference Guide - Client Facing

Client facing Financial Virtues reference guide that can be used to tee up the survey or as a follow-up to introducing the survey.


Individualized meeting preparation template that combines information from a completed Financial Virtues survey and what you already know about a client.


Sweet Spots & Blind Spots Seminar

Ready-made program that Advisors can deliver for clients. It dives into the behaviors – our sweet spots and blind spots – that help us achieve our financial goals.

Lead Generation Survey

Quick quiz highlighting common behavioral biases. We can tailor a version of this survey for use on your website as a lead generation tool.


Conversation is Key

Macro-economic trends point toward a market correction, and the time to start preparing for these financial conversations is now.

2020 BeFI Barometer

“This issue of Investments & Wealth Research examines the prevalence of emotional and cognitive biases within advisors client bases and the benefits of using behavioral finance as a tool to help minimize the biases’ impact.” – Investments & Wealth Institute

Women as the next wave of growth

“Attracting and retaining female customers will be a critical growth imperative for wealth
management firms. To succeed, firms will need to deeply understand women’s differentiated
needs, preferences, and behaviors when it comes to managing their money.” – McKinsey

Sweet Spots and Blind Spots

A new road to translate behavioral finance into a financial advisor’s personalized practice.

Hyper-Personalizing Today’s Wealth Management Experience

Create hyper-personalized experiences and client interactions based on how you communicate and deliver solutions.

The Past, Present & Future of Wealth Management

Wealth management has evolved from a product focus to a focus on value. How are you adapting to the future of the industry?

Adapt & Connect

Strategies to create deeper client connections and apply behavioral finance when face to face meetings are not an option.