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Here's what you get with the Behavioral Conversations training

Participants in all courses receive:

  • 1 Financial Virtues Assessment ($39 value)
  • Behavioral Conversations workbook
  • Practical and personalized strategies to integrate behavioral conversations into your practice

Behavioral Conversations for Financial Professionals

Learn how to tee up, conduct, and integrate behavioral conversations seamlessly into your practice.

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A recent study of advised investors found that 40% of the value of financial advice comes from emotions (behavioral conversations) – the peace of mind developed through trust, a sense of accomplishment, behavioral coaching and confidence.

The value of advice, Vanguard, March 2020

Atlas Point programs help you and your team:

  • Personalize the client experience
  • Prospect more
  • Develop your people
  • Differentiate & articulate your value
  • Conduct better qualitative conversations
  • Gain efficiencies in your practice

If you have not updated your approach to growth and efficiency, it may be costing you. The industry is evolving.  Your client’s expectations are shifting.  It makes sense that your approach to growing changes too!